At Monument Motor Services Ltd we use the latest diagnostic and remapping equipment.

These include,

Hofmann 4 Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment ensures that the vehicle’s wheels are in the correct position and adhering to the car manufacturer’s specifications. Correct wheel alignment can prolong the life of your tyres, increase fuel efficiency, improve the handling and safety of the vehicle.

Advanced Driver-Assistance System

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are developed to automate, adapt and enhance vehicles safety for example anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, adaptive cruise control and traction control. These systems require recalibration following body work / suspension work / windscreen replacement and wheel realignment.

Elite Remapping

Remapping a vehicle aims to improve performance, make it more economical and provide a smoother driving experience. Please note that it is recommended that the vehicle owner informs their insurance providers if a vehicle is remapped.

At Monument Motor Services Ltd our specialist team can enhance and improve the efficiency, safety and performance of your vehicle. Please call our team to discuss your individual requirements.